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Living Life feedback

What was your experience with NHS Living Life?

How did you make contact with the service?

Q1. How easy was it to contact Living Life?

Q2. Did you find the Living Life coach/therapist caring?

Q3. How useful did you find the workbooks that were sent to you?

Q4. Did you feel the telephone appointments were too long or too short?

Q5. Did you feel that the Living Life coach/therapist really listened to you?

Q6. Did you find Living Life professional?

Q7. How useful was the therapy and support given?

Please select an answer

Q8. Were you satisfied with the length of time you had to wait for an appointment?

Q9. Please rank the importance of the following issues:

(1 = Most important and 6 = Least important)

Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6
Easy to contact
Caring staff
Length of call - 1/6
Felt listened to - 1/6
Professional service - 1/6
Length of waiting time - 1/6

Q10. Were you satisfied with the Living Life service overall?

Had a good experience or think we could have done better?
NHS 24's feedback form can be used to leave a comment or complaint about Living Life and for giving thanks for any help you have received.