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Living Life feedback

What was your experience with NHS Living Life?

Self referral
Referred by GP
Very easy
Quite easy
Quite difficult
Very difficult
Very caring
Quite caring
Very uncaring
Very useful
Quite useful
Not very useful
Not useful at all
Too long
Too short
Just right
Excellent listening
Good listening
Poor listening
Very poor listening
Very professional
Quite professional
Quite unprofessional
Very unprofessional
Very useful
Quite useful
Not very useful
Not useful at all
Very satisfied
Quite satisfied
About right
Not very satisfied
Not satisfied at all
Easy to contact
Caring staff
Length of call
Felt listened to
Professional service
Length of waiting time
Very satisfied
Quite satisfied
Quite dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied

Had a good experience or think we could have done better?
NHS 24's feedback form can be used to leave a comment or complaint about Living Life and for giving thanks for any help you have received.