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Breathing Space Day 1st Feb 2013

When we consider our health and wellbeing we tend to focus on physical aspects, rather than on our emotions.

Breathing Space Day takes place on 1st February each year to encourage Scots to take some ‘time out’ from the stresses of life and look after their mental wellbeing. That could mean going for a walk, catching up with friends, or simply reading a book.

Tony McLaren, Breathing Space National Coordinator, commented: "It can be challenging trying to prioritise your own mental health. We all lead very busy lives with different pressures and stresses; whether that’s at work, at home or through our relationships and families."

"Our trained advisors here at Breathing Space receive over 6,000 calls a month, relating to a wide range of issues. Sometimes it helps just having someone there to listen. We hope Breathing Space Day will raise awareness about the service we provide and help place a focus on good mental wellbeing." said Tony.

How will you take your Breathing Space?

A number of events and activities will be taking place across Scotland leading up to Breathing Space Day, including a ‘Wellbeing Week’ in Tayside. Let us know how you will be taking your Breathing Space by emailing:

For emotional support, contact Breathing Space in confidence on freephone 0800 83 85 87.