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Clocks Go Forward 2013

On Sunday 31st March the clocks go forward at 1am by one hour. The onset of Spring can help to brighten people’s mood, with an increase in daylight hours having a positive effect on mental wellbeing.

Tony McLaren, Living Life/ Breathing Space National Coordinator said: “For many this time of year can be a turning point, with the longer days giving people the opportunity to get outside, get active and boost energy levels.”

“Unfortunately for those experiencing depression, the change in seasons can actually heighten feelings of hopelessness. There are a range of different channels of support available which can help in these difficult times.”

NHS Living Life is a free telephone support service based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach, available to Scots feeling low or anxious.

“For anyone experiencing mild to moderate depression, speaking to an NHS Living Life Self-help Coach or Therapist over a series of telephone appointments may help. Separate face-to face or web-based support services are other options, depending on individual need and preference. What is most important is that these feelings are addressed and not ignored.” said Tony.

General advice and information on how to stay healthy this Easter can be found on the NHS inform website. Information and resources about looking after your mental health can be found online through the NHS Inform Mental Wellbeing Zone.


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