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COSCA Survey

COSCA Survey on the Accessibility of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland

The availability of face to face counselling and psychotherapy varies depending on where people live in Scotland. In some parts services are very limited, with people having to wait for long time or travel a long distance to find a suitable service.
With regard to telephone and online counselling, where people live is not as important as their access to technologies including phones, the internet etc.
This survey invites you to inform COSCA, Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy, about your experience of accessing all kinds of counselling and psychotherapy in Scotland. It also invites you to suggest ways of how access could be improved that you believe would make a real difference to people.
You can use the questions in the survey to tell COSCA about your experience and suggest ways of improving access to counselling and psychotherapy.
Please click here to open the survey monkey.

Information about how you can join COSCA's Client Network, which aims to give people a voice in relation to the delivery of COSCA's services, can be found here.