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Year of Listening 2016

Scotland's 'Year of Listening' (YoL) will  raise awareness throughout 2016 that listening, and being listened to, is good for your mental health.

Listening is the foundation of good communication

Relationships and friendships, where we feel listened to, can have a huge positive impact on our sense of wellbeing. Being listened to helps us to feel 'connected', contributing to improved feelings of self-worth, self-confidence and happiness.

Listening to our own thoughts and feelings is also important. A popular practice in recent times is 'mindfulness', which has its foundations in Buddhist and Christian meditation. Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment and noticing sights, smells, sounds and tastes around us, as well as the thoughts and feelings that occur from one moment to the next.

We like to think we are good listeners but are we really listening? Could you be a better listener?

The YoL is an opportunity for us all to demonstrate our commitment to be better listeners. Whether you are a friend, parent, sibling, spouse, neighbour or carer...take time to listen today.

How you can support the YoL campaign:

  • Look through our Year of Listening Pack (the pack provides posters and materials to help you promote listening, listening skills and listening organisations)

  • Download a logo to promote on a website or publications:
    Small YoL logo (152kb)
    Medium YoL logo (354 kb)

  • Pledge your support by requesting your name/organisation is added to the YoL pledge board 

  • Use #YoL2016 to join in the conversation and tweet your thoughts about listening and 'star listeners' in your life

Watch this space for further updates!