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Living Life Day 2016

It's Living Life Day on Thursday 25th August! We're encouraging everyone in Scotland to 'make your day different' for good mental wellbeing.

It's also an opportunity to raise awareness of NHS Living Life, a service which offers mental wellbeing support through listening skills and professional counselling.

Make your day different

It's the little changes we make in our lives which can have a big impact on our overall wellbeing. Taking some time out during a busy day, even just for 10 minutes, can help us to de-stress and keep things in perspective. 

Reading a book, catching up with friends or going for a lunchtime walk are all small ways in which we can take our mind off other stresses in our lives.

Take a Little Time for Tea

This year, which is Scotland's Year of Listening, we're delighted to be promoting 'Take a Little Time for Tea' for Living Life Day.

Having a tea break is an ideal way to get together, listen to each other and have a relaxing cuppa.

Time For Tea (2)

So if you'd like to make your day different and Take a Little Time for Tea in your workplace, community centre or local area we can help you with some free materials.

Our Year of Listening packs contain Take a Little Time for Tea posters to promote your event.

You will also find a relaxation CD and booklet, a competition to win an MP3 player and and other useful materials to promote good mental wellbeing, including information about our NHS Living Life service.

Request a Year of Listening Pack

Year of Listening pack

Free Year of Listening Packs are available and can be mailed out to you on request

Take a Little Time for Tea Poster 

More about NHS Living Life

NHS Living Life is a free appointment-based service where trained Coaches and Therapists can offer telephone support for people in Scotland feeling low, anxious or stressed.

After an initial assessment to see whether the service best suits their needs, callers receive a series of phone appointments with either a Coach or Therapist. The Coach or Therapist can help address negative patterns of thinking and support individuals to develop new ways of coping.

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