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Team keen to promote mental wellbeing

Strathclyde Uni FC and Breathing Space are continuing their successful partnership for the new football season

The young players at Strathclyde Uni FC will be promoting Breathing Space's mental wellbeing message and encouraging fellow players, teams and the wider student community to'open up when you're feeling down'.

The players met with Tony McLaren, Breathing Space National Coordinator, and will be developing ideas for the new season to help get key mental wellbeing messages across.

Tony said: "It was great to meet with these young players and hear the enthusiasm they have for the beautiful game. The partnership we have with the team helps ensure that they place just as much emphasis on their mental wellbeing as they do on their physical health. 

Life at University can be challenging, with stress, financial struggles and loneliness quite often a problem. Being in a team and being able to open up and talk about how you are feeling can help. The players also know that Breathing Space is available and we're delighted they will be spreading the message about the support we are able to provide to the wider student community."  

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