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You Matter, We Care

The Breathing Space 'You Matter, We Care' campaign encourages Scots to care for others and was launched in 2019.

In turbulent times positive caring relationships are particularly important.

Tony McLaren, National Coordinator of Breathing Space, said: "We receive many calls to our helpline from people who are going through a stage in their life where they may be feeling isolated or lonely. Perhaps it's a neighbour a couple of doors down, a work colleague you don't know well or someone you pass regularly in the street.

You can make a positive difference by reaching out - that might mean sending a quick text, popping a note through the door or picking up the phone. Kindness and compassion not only helps us to more readily notice signs of distress in others but can also make a big difference to our own mental wellbeing."

You can find more ways to promote kindness and develop positive relationships in our Little Book of Caring Ways

Don't forget that National Breathing Space Day is coming up on 1st February where we continue our 'You Matter, We Care' theme and encourage everyone in Scotland to take some time out for their mental wellbeing.