Leadhills Bench installed

Breathing Space are pleased to see another bench installed, in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire and Leadhills Family Action Group. Conveniently located for the village, the bench was formally inaugurated by Mairi McAllan MSP during a morning of activities including a wellbeing walk in glorious sunshine. A range of groups attended with stalls and information to support Leadhills development as a mentally healthy community.

Lisa Jane Dock, Development Officer at Breathing Space said

“We are delighted to see this bench in place at Leadhills today. This bench is one in a network that connects communities across Scotland in their joint desire to support better mental health and wellbeing for people where they live. Taking a wee seat, either by yourself for some 'time out' or with a friend for a chat, is a great way to find some breathing space when you need it - and from time to time we all do. If anyone needs a chat beyond the bench our advisers are available at evenings and weekends on 0800 83 85 87 or using webchat from www.breathingspace.scot. Don't hesitate to call - we encourage everyone to open up when you are feeling down and take the first steps to feeling better.”