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Breathing Space and your privacy

Your conversations with Breathing Space are very important to us. We will ensure that the things you talk about aren't shared inappropriately or recorded in a way that isn't relevant to the reason you got in touch.

Audio recording of calls

Your call will not be recorded if you call Breathing Space direct.

If we transfer your call to NHS 24 or Emergency Services, they will record your call from the point contact is made. Likewise, if you call NHS 24 or Emergency Services and your call is transferred to Breathing Space, it will be recorded.


To help our team respond to your webchat request, we'll ask you to provide a name, age, and location.

After your session you will also have the option to give feedback on your experience.

Call monitoring

Occasionally, calls may be monitored for the purpose of development and training of Breathing Space advisors and other mental health staff. The call may be reviewed as a means to give feedback on the call and support the advisor. We do this to make sure all Breathing Space calls are safe, appropriate and in the interests of callers.

What information is collected?

Breathing Space is funded by the Scottish Government Health Department and as part of our work we collect some information during calls and webchats. We will not collect any personal information that identifies who you are but we may record some information we come to know through the course of the conversation (such as your age, gender, sexuality, beliefs, ethnicity etc).

What is the information used for?

We use this information to learn about whether we reach all groups in Scotland, or whether some groups are excluded; something we work very hard to avoid. We will record something about what your call was about so that we know the types of things people want to talk to us about.

We also use the information to help plan our service in future. This includes being able to train our staff and being open to people about the type of calls and webchats we get.

Will this information be shared?

We will only disclose personal information to others outside Breathing Space:

  • if the caller gives informed consent
  • for uses or disclosures required by law
  • where there is a serious risk to someone's life or health
  • where we need to protect the safety and wellbeing of staff


Any further privacy or data protection enquiries should be directed to:

The Data Protection Officer
Caledonia House
Fifty Pitches Road
G51 4EB.

Breathing Space and your information

Breathing Space is part of NHS 24 which is a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioner's office. Registration No. Z8707451.