Stressed & anxious

I’m not sure where to start...

Stress is not an illness itself, but it can cause serious illness if it isn't addressed.

People may become stressed and experience severe anxiety as a result of one major life change or through a combination of different and perhaps less significant experiences.

It's important to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety early. These can include:

  • irritability
  • dizziness and headaches
  • problems sleeping
  • dry mouth
  • changes in your eating habits
  • low self esteem
  • problems concentrating
  • temper outbursts
  • muscle tension and pain
  • tearful episodes

Recognising these signs will help you figure out ways of coping and save you from adopting unhealthy coping methods, such as drinking or smoking.

It's always better to open up and speak about your anxieties or stresses sooner rather than later. Don't bottle things up and wait for the problems to get worse.

A good place to start is Breathing Space. We’re here to listen.