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Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2012

The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival will take place from 1-24 October 2012.

The theme this year is ‘walk in my shoes’ and the Festival has extended its eclectic and thought-provoking programme of theatre, film, music, workshops and exhibitions to include video-gaming, a community opera and a bipolar circus.

Musicians Duglas T Stewart (BMX Bandits) and Malcolm Middleton (ex-Arab Strap) were involved in creating this year’s programme, along with writers Alan Bisset, Christopher Brookmyre and Rodge Glass.

Highlights of the Festival include theatre productions Piece of Mind, a captivating dance theatre work expressing life as a bipolar young person, and Box of Frogs, a high-octane ‘bipolar circus’ showcasing circus skills.

And this year’s film season breaks new ground with previews of unreleased and rare films, accompanied by live discussion with guests, fans and film-makers alike.