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The MacMillan Breathing Space partnership

If you're affected by cancer you want to know there's always someone you can turn to for help. Someone who can answer your questions, whatever they may be. We provide a telephone counselling service that offers a listening ear, as well as advice and information to anyone affected by cancer.

We are a confidential point of contact for anyone who is struggling to cope emotionally with cancer or needs to talk about how they are feeling. Doctors, social care workers and NHS 24 will be able to refer patients and carers to this "out of hours" service.

Breathing Space's skilled advisers, who have received training from Macmillan, can also signpost you to organisations that can provide further support. This service enhances the telephone services provided by Breathing Space and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Breathing Space will be providing partnership materials to cancer centres across the west coast of Scotland this month containing information about the support available to people affected by cancer.

For further information about MacMillan Cancer Support visit