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Exam results

Whether you are studying at school, college or university you may be awaiting or have recently received your exam results.

If your results are not what you expected, the advice is 'don't panic' as there are lots of options available and organisations there to help. We have listed some useful websites you can turn to for specific information and advice on exams. You can also talk to our advisors at Breathing Space if you are feeling anxious or stressed. 

SQA Candidate Advice Line - general information and advice about how the SQA exam certificate is laid out (open Tues 4th-9th Aug) 0345 279 1000

Skills Development Scotland Exam Results Helpline - impartial advice and information on university vacancies, college options and next-step career advice (Tues 4th-12th Aug) 0808 100 8000

For emotional support you can call Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87.