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Music On Prescription, a new and free online service which promotes music as an aid in battling depression, launched a global fundraising campaign last week on World Suicide Prevention Day.

The service was founded by Mental Health Activist, Maureen O’Kelly, and her husband Iain, who aim to raise £300,000 to build the service, which will provide “free emotional first aid” to anyone, anywhere, anytime, who is suffering from depression.

Partnered by Breathing Space, the goal of the service is to reduce the number of global suicides by bridging the time gap between people needing and receiving professional treatment.

Powered by Spotify, Music On Prescription will allow users to freely access about 30 million songs. By answering questions, they can then create their own “feel good” playlists - connecting music with personal memories to boost their general sense of well-being.

To find out more, donate or see what's planned for World Mental Health Day on 10th Oct visit