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Breathing Space Bench Unveiled at Strathclyde

Minister for Mental Health Clare Haughey has unveiled a special ‘Breathing Space’ bench at the University of Strathclyde – the first to be sited on a Scottish campus

A welcoming space for the bench has been created within the Glasgow city centre campus, as the University lends its support to the 'You Matter, We Care' mental wellbeing campaign to promote kindness and everyday positive relationships.

Minister for Mental Health Clare Haughey said: “Mental health is everyone’s business so I welcome the partnership approach being taken by Breathing Space and the University of Strathclyde in installing this bench.

“This helps remind us all of the value of taking time out to reflect, to look after our own wellbeing and to care for family, friends and colleagues.

“I hope that, over the coming years, many students and staff of the University will find it a useful place to gather their thoughts, and take time to reflect.”


(Minister for Mental Health, Clare Haughey MSP (L front), Dr Veena O'Halloran, University of Strathclyde (R front) and Tony McLaren, Breathing Space (centre) with students from the University of Strathclyde


Dr Veena O’Halloran, University of Strathclyde Secretary and Compliance Officer said: “We are proud to be the first University to have one of the benches on campus and this is just the first step in our work with Breathing Space to promote mental wellbeing among our staff and students.

Bench Plaque

Wording on the bench plaque


Tony McLaren, National Coordinator for Breathing Space added: “It's important to make students aware of the support which is available and encourage young people to open up when they're feeling down."