College unveils Breathing Space bench

A special Breathing Space bench has been unveiled by Borders College at their Netherdale campus in Galashiels

The bench is part of a growing number being installed across the country, including colleges, universities and other community settings.

Borders College Equalities Officer/Students’ Association Support Officer Amy Brydon, who has been involved in the initiative, commented:

“Sometimes it can be difficult to start a conversation, to ask questions and check if someone is really OK. Often we need to be a bit persistent to get beyond the ‘I’m fine’ response. The Breathing Space Bench at Borders College will give anyone working, studying or visiting the College a place where they know it’s OK relax, reflect or start a conversation.

“It helps remind us all of the value of taking time out to reflect, to look after our own wellbeing and to care for family, friends and colleagues.

“I hope that, over the coming years, many students and staff of the College will find it a useful place to gather their thoughts, and take time to reflect.”